Great examples of law enforcement technology

Law enforcement technology has come a long way since Scotland Yard established the first police fingerprinting bureau in 1901. Since then, technology has advanced significantly, particularly in the last 30 or so years when technological advancements have been particularly accelerated.  Today police have advanced communications equipment, weaponry and investigative tools that make it much easier to respond to emergencies, subdue criminals and solve crimes than it used to be.

Computers are one form of law enforcement technology that’s made a huge difference in the way policing agencies operate.  Since the advent of office computers in the 1970s, their use in law enforcement in a wide variety of applications has proved them an indispensable tool in preventing and solving crimes, as well as responding to emergencies. Computers are used in law enforcement offices, as well as in police cars. Law enforcement agencies also use computers to access information from agencies all over the world, helping to track criminals and solve cases in ways that wouldn’t have been possible 20 or 30 years ago.

Another great example of law enforcement technology is the use of DNA profiling to solve crimes and prosecute criminal cases.  DNA profiling is perhaps the most valuable tool in the arsenal of criminal evaluation when it comes to providing indisputable evidence of a person’s guilt or innocence. It’s also served to liberate hundreds of people from prison who were wrongfully convicted of crimes they didn’t commit.

Law enforcement technology as it’s applied to body armor has also improved the safety of police officers in the field. Today’s protective body armor is much lighter than the stuff officers used to wear.  It’s also much better at repelling bullets than the old body armor, plus it repels punctures from knife attacks more effectively.

Video cameras are another form of law enforcement technology that helps officers both in the field and in the interrogation room.  Every police car has a video camera that makes a video recording of each traffic stop that an officer makes. This means that it records the car make and model as well as the license plate number of every car.  It also makes a visual record of the officer’s interaction with the person in the car, so that in the event that there’s an altercation or complaint, this video information can be used to determine what actually happened.  It can also be used as evidence in the event that a crime is committed.

As technological advances continue into the current millennium, there’s no doubt that law enforcement technology will gain more important tools to help them do their job more effectively.

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