What tools do law enforcement officers use?

If you’re in law enforcement, you should utilize all of the law enforcement tools available to do your job effectively.  Law enforcement tools can be physical objects such as first aid kits, firearms and flashlights.  They can also be things inherent in you that you bring to your job performance, such as weapons skills, communications skills and good public relations abilities.

A good officer has knowledge of law enforcement tools and how to use them skillfully in a variety of situations.  As a first responder on the scene of an emergency, you encounter vehicle accidents, shooting victims, fires, robberies, domestic disputes and narcotics traffic. Having the tools to deal with these situations is an essential part of job preparedness.

Law enforcement tools and equipment can be purchased either online or through your department’s normal supplier.  Equipment that officers should have includes battering rams, elevator keys, bolt cutters, pry bars, pro bars, first aid kits, flashlights and vehicle entry tools. 

Law enforcement tools also include a variety of weapons. These include the non-lethal kind, such as mace, pepper spray, batons, and stun guns. Officers also carry firearms such as automatic handguns and rifles. SWAT teams carry assault rifles, sniper rifles, shock grenades, tear gas and tasers.

Law enforcement tools can be used in a variety of ways.  In the event of a vehicle accident, a law enforcement officer might need to help extricate victims out of a car.  They might need to administer emergency first aid to car accident victims, shooting victims, people with hypothermia, drowning victims and people experiencing heart attacks and strokes.

Law enforcement tools for traffic accidents and breakdowns also include road flares, strobe lights and traffic cones. These are extremely important to reroute traffic and prevent further injuries and additional accidents.

Because law enforcement officers carry radios, law enforcement tools include accessories such as radio cases, earphones, amplifiers, headsets and straps. 

SWAT teams also carry specialty law enforcement tools in addition to weaponry, such as body armor, bullet proof shields, face plates, goggles, night vision equipment and helmets.

There are a huge number of sources for law enforcement tools, both online and in stores. When purchasing, make sure your equipment is made by a reputable manufacturer to ensure that it meets quality control and safety standards.


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