Where to find a store for law enforcement

If you’re looking for a law enforcement store that has reasonable prices on a wide variety of equipment for law enforcement professionals, there are many suppliers to choose from.

A law enforcement store sells all kinds of law enforcement equipment.  Body armor, night vision goggles, bullet proof shields, bullet proof vests and helmets are some of the things sold by SWAT team suppliers.

A law enforcement store also supplies law enforcement agencies with standard equipment such as radios, PDAs, amplifiers, headsets, batons, pepper spray, battering rams, flashlights and vehicle entry kits.

Weapons are also stocked at a specialty law enforcement store for law enforcement use. The most common weapons purchased by law enforcement departments are handguns.  These are automatic pistols supplied by Beretta, Smith and Wesson, Glock, and SIG Sauer.  Other weapons supplied are shotguns, sniper rifles and assault rifles. 

Since the advent of K9 units that use dogs in law enforcement work, law enforcement stores supply that equipment, too.  A K9 unit law enforcement store has collars, harnesses, muzzles, bite suits, bite sleeves, leashes, grooming supplies, kennels and canine transport equipment.

When looking for a law enforcement store, remember that shoddy equipment can cost a life. Always make sure they’re a reputable supplier that sells only high quality equipment that meets all safety and quality control standards.



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