What should a law enforcement officer resume look like?

The law enforcement officer resume is increasingly a part of applying for a job in law enforcement. Generally speaking, resumes are submitted when you apply for the job and are attached to the application. Many people wonder why they have to attach a resume when much of the same information is included in the application.  The difference is that an application is a response to questions asked by the employer. A resume’s format allows you to convey information in a way that emphasizes your positive attributes and to convince a potential employer that you’re the right person for the job.

Crafting a great law enforcement officer resume is something that will increase your chances of getting the job.  What are the components of an effective law enforcement resume?  Basically, they’re the same as for any resume.  A resume is your opportunity to stress the things that make you look good while deemphasizing the things that detract from your job profile.  That said, don’t lie about your background, because your potential employer will check your information.  Nothing will sabotage your application more than getting caught stretching the truth or outright lying about something.

Writing a professional looking resume isn’t all that hard to do.  First of all, there are examples of law enforcement officer resume formats that are available on the internet and in books. Your resume should have headings such as career goals, education, training, employment history and references.  Your resume should be limited to one page and be clear, concise and free of any errors in spelling, grammar and format.  Remember that it is a reflection of you and a messy, error filled document leaves a negative impression that won’t get you hired for the job.

Always have a friend or family check over your resume for errors and omissions. If you feel that crafting a great law enforcement officer resume is beyond your abilities, there are professionals you can hire to do the job for you.  A resume writer will usually charge anywhere from $100 and up to do it for you.

 A law enforcement officer resume should reflect the qualities and experiences that make a good law enforcement officer.  Good communication skills, the ability to operate well in stressful situations, leadership ability, good analytical skills and great interpersonal skills are all things that law enforcement employers are looking for when they study your resume.

Make your law enforcement resume work for you to shine the best light possible on your potential as a potentially valuable member of the law enforcement community.


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