Law enforcement interview questions to expect during recruitment

If you’re aiming for a career in law enforcement, it’s important to prepare for the types of law enforcement interview questions you’ll be expected to answer during the application process so that you can be prepared to answer them to the best of your ability. 

The first thing to do in preparation for answering law enforcement interview questions is to thoroughly go over your application to make sure you’re familiar with the material you presented so you can be consistent. Particularly in the beginning stage of the interview, the recruiter will be asking questions to verify that the information you supplied on your application is accurate. For instance, if you stated in the application that you want to be in law enforcement because your Uncle Dan was a law enforcement officer, but in the interview you say it’s because you’ve always wanted to uphold the law, they’re going to wonder whether you’re being truthful with them. 

Law enforcement interview questions will vary depending on the agency you’re applying to, but here are some general ideas of what to prepare for:

One of the most common law enforcement interview questions is to name the qualities that you possess that would make you a good law enforcement officer. Law enforcement recruiters are looking for people who are honest, capable, ethical, hardworking and want to make a positive contribution to society by helping to uphold the law. They also want candidates who can operate effectively under pressure. Answer this law enforcement interview question honestly, but be aware that these are the qualities you should stress.

Another of the law enforcement interview questions that’s likely to be asked is why you want to become a law enforcement officer. Be aware that recruiters are trying to weed out people with violent tendencies as well as those who want to go into law enforcement because they’re on a power trip and want to exert control over other people. If you answer that you want a career in law enforcement so you can carry a gun and scare all of the bullies who pestered you in school, you’re not going to score points with the interviewer. Remember that a good law enforcement officer is charged with keeping the peace, not creating conflict by trying to bully or overpower people. The law enforcement interview questions asked of you will reflect their intention to determine if you have these qualities.

One of the law enforcement interview questions that you’ll have to address relates to your career goals. It’s important to be realistic when answering this question so the interviewer can gauge whether or not you’re fully aware of the particulars of becoming a law enforcement officer. If your answer to law enforcement interview questions such as this one is completely unrealistic, then the interviewer might decide that you haven’t educated yourself about the job’s particulars. For instance, if you say that your goal is to become chief of law enforcement in five years, they’ll think that either you’re not familiar with the way law enforcement rankings work or that you’re totally out of touch with reality. Either of those determinations will probably cost you the job.

In short, when answering law enforcement interview questions, always be honest. That said, prepare well before going into the interview so your answers are well thought out and stress the things that recruiters are looking for.

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