Law Enforcement Training

Law Enforcement Training:

Are there any programs available online?
Due to the nature of police training, most of the additional training requires hands-on guidance. Law Enforcement Training programs are available online but limited.

How long are most training programs?
Depending on what kind of training event you’re seeking, law enforcement training programs can last anywhere from eight hours to a few months. Rule of thumb regarding time is that more basic training takes longer whereas more specific skill set training courses require shorter time spans.

Is there a certain time of year when the programs start?
Training programs reoccur throughout the year. Visit Police One “Police Training” for upcoming events nationwide.

What are the requirements to get into law enforcement training?
Law enforcement training requirements depend on the courses of interest. Often courses require applicants to be active, sworn law enforcement officers or investigators. Visit the listing of the specific course for more information.

What is the average cost of a training program?
Costs vary depending on the type of a law enforcement training program.

What funding options do I have to reduce the cost of training?
There are many options to reduce the cost of training:

  1. Many agencies will support their officers through sponsoring them. Contact your local agency for funding options.
  2. Grant opportunities for training are available across the country. Visit the Office of Justice Programs Community Capacity Development Office for tips on effective grant writing for grant writing tips. Another grant route would be to hire a grant writer. Accredited organizations like PoliceOne offer grant writing services for a small fee.
  3. Programs through the Homeland Security provide funding based on the number of students attending the program. Specific funding opportunities include Bureau of Justice Assistance.

What law enforcement training options are available for teens?
In some larger metros, Law Enforcement Academies will hire high school graduates who are still in their teens as police cadets or trainees until they reach the minimum age requirement.

Law Enforcement Training Hubs

PoliceOne - Law Enforcement and Police Training Seminars
CalibrePress - Street Survival Seminar



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