Law Enforcement And Police Exams Study Questions

How to Practice for Law Enforcement & Police Officer Exams:

How to get your top score:
Practice, practice, practice. Preparation for the Law Enforcement exam is vital for success. Check PoliceOne for the most current Law Enforcement information on training, education, and field changes.

How do I study for the Police Officer Test?
Key steps:

  1. Schedule study time ahead of the process. Planning to study will make you more likely to actually do it. Keep in mind that 20-50 minute study periods followed by brief breaks are most effective.
  2. Contact the police department website where you applied for the test and request an outline of what will be on the test. If you cannot find information on the website, contact the human resources department or recruitment center for additional information.
  3. Take practice tests.
  4. Interview a current officer working in your area and ask what information is essential to study for the test.

What does the Police exam entail?
Depending on your state, there could be up to three different types of test: written and oral tests to cover critical competencies needed in the job; training and experience evaluations examine your education, training and experience; and performance tests measure specific skills that may be used in law enforcement.

How early should I start studying?
It all depends on the person and his/her study abilities and knowledge retention. However, a rule of thumb is to allow at least a month to prep for the exam.

What are the possible dates to take the Law Enforcement exam?
Most states offer the test annually. Check your local state agency for more information.

How many times can I take the Law Enforcement test?
Contact your state for more information.

What is a passing score?
A passing score is 70% of correctly answered questions.

Are the tests timed?
Yes, all written tests are timed.

How much does it cost to take the test?
Most departments do not charge to take the police exam. Florida is an exception. They do charge to take the state CJ-BAT test.

If I move from another state, do I need to retake the police exam?
If you move to another state you will have to retake the police exam. Each department has their own test so even within the same state you would have to take each individual departments test.

What is the success rate?
Success rates differ, but on the average 7 out of 10 candidates will fail the police exam.

What exam preparation options do I have?
Sites like Police Prep, and Petersons prep for most state officiated tests. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean all test information will be covered by these exam preps. Check with your local agency for best exam prep practices.


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