Law Enforcement Officer Salary

How much can a Law Enforcement Police Officer earn?
It’s important to keep in mind that Law Enforcement Police Officer position salaries can very slightly state to state. However, according to the International City-County Management Association’s annual Police and Fire Personnel, Salaries, and Expenditures Survey, average salaries for sworn full-time positions in 2006 were:

Law Enforcement Salary Chart:  
Position Minimum base salary    Maximum base salary          
Police Chief
Deputy Chief
Police Captain
Police Lieutenant
Police Sergeant
Police Corporal

Keep in mind that the better you place on your Law Enforcement Exam, the higher your chances are of landing a higher paid position. Find out about the latest training programs at PoliceOne Police Training.
What benefits does a Law Enforcement Police officer obtain?
Law Enforcement Police officers acquire common benefits – sick leave, paid vacation, medical and life and insurance – and some even are provided sums to cover miscellaneous costs, like uniforms. After 25-30 years in service, Law Enforcement Police officers can retire at half-pay according to liberal pension plans.

What’s the Law Enforcement Jobs outlook for Law Enforcement?
Local Police department positions will be open for individual meeting the psychological, personal, and physical qualifications. Competition will be higher among Federal and State law enforcement agencies versus local Law Enforcement positions. Employment growth is expected around 11 percent between 2006 and 2016. Visit PoliceOne Police Careers and Job Listings for the latest open positions.

What states offer the highest Law Enforcement Police salary?
States offering highest law enforcement Police salary:

Law Enforcement Salary by State:  
Employment     Hourly Wage   Annual Salary   Employment % of State  
District of Columbia 610   $51.09   $106,270   0.10%  
New Jersey 3,400   $50.85   $105,770   0.09%  
California 7,440   $50.28   $104,580   0.05%  
Illinois 5,120   $43.22   $89,900   0.09%  
Nevada 840   $42.87   $89,170   0.07%  

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