How to Find a Law Enforcement Job

How to find a Law Enforcement Job:

1. Search online for extensive lists of jobs nationwide. Visit our Law Enforcement Jobs board or sites like for a more focused Law Enforcement Jobs Search. You might also find it helpful to follow Twitter feeds like @PoliceOneJobs.

2. Search your local paper for open law enforcement jobs. This may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to rely solely on the Internet.

3. Contact law enforcement departments of interest and inquire about jobs. Visit or USA Cops for nationwide police department directories.

4. Request informational interviews with different law enforcement officials. Use this opportunity to gain valuable insight on the profession, build relationships, find out what departments might be hiring in the area, and build a relationship with the officer so that you have someone working within the industry who can help promote you. Often jobs are posted internally before becoming open to the public – here’s your chance to get the inside scoop and create a fan club.

5. Contact an academy for jobs. Use an academy’s career expertise or contact past instructors. Most academies usually have open communication with local police departments and know firsthand of open positions. Instructors are usually still heavily engaged with the local law enforcement scene and can help direct students.

6. Attend recruiting events or hire a recruiter. There are several recruiting events around the country. Below are a few suggested sites containing lists of recruiting events and recruiter for hire:

National Law Enforcement Recruiters Association

Police Recruiter

Department of Homeland Security Recruiting Events

Remember, jobs are not always posted externally. It’s best to directly contact the department that you’re interested in for the most opportune results. Even if the exact position you’re looking for doesn’t exist, there might be a similar position that is suitable for you.  

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